About the Project

The Fulfillment Project is designed to foster dialogue among women of all ages about how to bring the highest level of meaning and purpose to every part of our lives.  Participants in the project are asked to be transparent about their struggles and triumphs as we make discoveries together. 

The study will use surveys and open dialogue to answer questions like:
– What does it mean to be fulfilled?
– Is it possible to find meaning and significance in everything we do?
– Is it possible to have a fulfilling career and home life during each stage of life?
– How can you tell if you are going down a dead-end path?

It is my hope that your answers to these questions, along with your personal stories, can help others make sense of their own journey.  Thank you for your willingness to share your heart with us!


  1. My marvelous son, Rick Prevatt, sent me your web site connection. How could I not respond after his wonderful words (what a blessed Mom I am). I’m not entirely certain what you want, but I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

    Mary Capo

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